My new website is launching soon!



My name is Ian—I am a people-forward creative who specializes in multifaceted forms of multimedia, writing, performance, content creation, and DJing. 

My sincere apologies... I am in the midst of an extensive refurbishing of my portfolio's website.  Due to the nature of website overhaul, (and my chronic perfectionism), I decided it is best to hang a proverbial "Sorry, We're Closed" sign until I am ready to publish my redesign.

In the meantime, please drop me a line! I'd love the opportunity to connect via email and share the projects and elements of my portfolio best suited for your needs. 

If you want an overview of what I do, you are welcome to view my resume here. If you want a detailed professional history, peep my LinkedIn. 

Thank you for understanding. I look forward to connecting, and sharing my creative endeavors with you. 

Be well, my friend!

Ian Goldsmith

- September, 2020

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